Searching For A Perfect Bug-Out Vehicle? Then Look Into Dual-Sports, ATVs and UTVs

It seems as if there is a report of war or violence somewhere in the world every day. And that is why many survivalists and doomsday preppers have developed evacuation plans -- or routes for "bugging out." In the event that an attack occurs near their home, these survivalists want to have a set route that they and their family can use to flee a city. While some people may scoff at the idea of a bug-out plan, others worry that traditional routes will be clogged with vehicles trying to flee from an attack and prefer to be prepared in the event the worst-case scenario occurs. Fleeing on foot is an option, but would not get you out of harm's way in a hurry. So what are better options for bugging out?

The Perfect Bug-Out Vehicle

To avoid getting caught in the traffic jams that will be inevitable if a terrorist or other violent attack occurs, you will need an agile vehicle that can be ridden both off-road and on asphalt, such as a:

  • Four-wheel truck or SUV. 
  • Dual-sport motorcycle
  • ATV or UTV vehicle

The least useful vehicle for escaping a city would be a four-wheel truck or SUV, as their bulk means that you are likely to have problems getting around traffic-clogged streets. So that narrows your best bug-out vehicles to dual-sport motorcycles, which are motorbikes that have been designed for both on- and off-road conditions, and ATVs or UTVs. 

Dual-Sports, ATVs or UTVs

All three of these vehicles are excellent for bugging out as they are better able to maneuver through jammed up roads than a car, truck or SUV. And if the need arises, you can also use these vehicles to create your own off-highway escape routes. For some preppers, these small vehicles are just a means to reach a larger vehicle that they have stashed somewhere near their bug-out or survival shelter. They will then transfer their belongings into the larger vehicle and continue on to their hideout.

Other preppers choose to ride their dual-sport motorcycle, ATV or UTV all the way to their bug-out shelter, which is actually a better idea in some ways. These vehicles -- especially ATVs and UTVs -- can be very useful in a doomsday scenario. For example, they sip relatively very little gas in comparison to a truck, car or SUV. In addition, UTVs and ATVs can be used to pull small trailers, making them very handy for hauling items to and from a bug-out shelter.

In these days and times, it actually makes sense to have an escape route planned out for your family as well as a vehicle that can meet the challenges involved in escaping a doomsday scenario. For more information on all terrain vehicle options, talk to a company like Moto United.